To track

“A mark or line of marks left by a person, animal, or vehicle in passing”  Oxford Dictionaries, 2016

Sign cutting, or tracking as it is generally known, is the step by step following of an animal, person, or thing.

Tracking is a skill that was developed by primitive men to obtain food and locate his enemies.
Tracking can be a valuable information gathering source. Tracks are clues, and can be the most numerous clues that a lost individual or law violator leaves behind.

Experience has shown that trained trackers can soon establish the most likely area to identify sign, determine the number of persons, the direction of travel, age, sex, and psychological state, and physical condition of the subject.

Tracking skills have contributed to finding scores of lost persons in the bush, and trained trackers successes in the apprehension of fugitives from the law are well documented.”

(Taken from “Land Search and Rescue Travel Logbook