How many times did you hear this quote? And what does exactly mean in everyday life?In modern society, thinking appears more and more often quite like an anarchic act. Most people are totally soaked into standardized mentality due to a massive brain washing that consumerism tends to dictate.

Our purchase are canalized as well as our choices, and far beyond that, our way of thinking too. Speaking wryly, who does think anymore? Surely I’m provoking you with this sentence, but not too unduly I mean. We seem to run across a difficulty, a trouble to clear face our real thoughts and call them with their own names. 

It seems, perhaps, that we do have a constant problem of being truly ourselves, even in our thoughts. We live in a society where social platforms kinda force us to like to everyone, and when I mean it, I refer not to hundreds of human beings, but thousands, millions, as if the entire world would look at us.

The main problem we encounter is to be honest with ourselves. And in Tracking, be honest with what you see, is one of main golden rules. Quoting David Scott-Donelan’s ten golden rules “Don’t force the track“. Which means to be honest with what you are actually looking at. Don’t pick the wrong track only because you are in a hurry, you are on a real manhunt, or you just want to demonstrate yourself how good Tracker you are.

At the same level of honesty, you should, further on, think outside the box. I can clearly rememeber when, at Tracking Class last June with Cornelius Nash (Enhanced Tracking Applications) and Mike Hull (Hull’s Tracking School), Cornelius uttered those golden words. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. As Tracking is as much as a puzzle you need to reconstruct to have the whole picture on your mind, or to solve a case as well as to find a missing one, you actually need not to freeze yourself on a preconceived idea, but barge forward, look a certain track from different perspectives, read the ground from further angles, ask yourself more questions, not to paralyze yourself on just one reading-key.

That’s it. Think outside the box is just being more curious, more alert, more responsive and, over all, more honest.