How to track in a city.

“Each Track has a specific story, no matter on which substrate it has been left. It is, in itself, the evidence that someone (or something) passed. The art of reading tracks, as you know, is mostly related to any Outdoor scenario, preferably not so much contaminated by the presence of other tracks. This should make … Continue reading How to track in a city.

Collaboration with Gonzalo Juan Peiro.

I am deeply honored to announce the collaboration with a real Man and Animal Tracking Expert, Gonzalo Juan Peiro from Valencia, Spain. Me and Gonzalo will lead some classes together in Europe in the next future, so.. don’t miss our updates and the chance to take part! “I worked in T.A.N.T. Squadron, running the forest … Continue reading Collaboration with Gonzalo Juan Peiro.

Conservation Ranger Course with C.R.O.W.

On May 5th and 6th I’ve attendend the first topic of the Conservation Ranger Course developed and hold by C.R.O.W. [Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide]. On July 22nd at European Security Academy, in Poland, me and all the other attendants graduated successfully as Rangers. The reasons behind the choice to take part of this lie in … Continue reading Conservation Ranger Course with C.R.O.W.

To read is to understand. To understand is to belong.

How many times we have seen the ground and just considered it terrain, grain, grass, peebles, sand and more over or even concrete and asphalt?¬†Thousands. “Learn how to read the ground“. That precisely what Tracking is. Ground¬† shows up itself as an amalgam of signs, as an inner chaos to the most novices among Tracking … Continue reading To read is to understand. To understand is to belong.