Tracking in Movies and TV Series.

Frantically updated as I run across into new stuff, this list is intended to be an invitation. Not all the movies here mentioned are masterpiece or what, they just contain some scenes (good or bad reconstructions, it depends) based on Tracking.

Enjoy and please write me pm or leave a comment if you have some other good titles. I’m hungry for that!

Borderline, 1980
The Hunted
The Hunted, 2003
The Edge
The Edge, 1997
The Deadly Trackers, 1973
Jurassic World
Jurassic World, 2015
The Missing
The Missing, 2003
The Unit
The Unit, 2006
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead, 2010
True Detective
True Detective, 2014
Point Last Seen, 1998.  Thank you DebnCarl Norton!
Rabbit Proof Fence, 2002. Thank you DebnCarl Norton!
Ulzana’s Raid, 1972. Thank you DebnCarl Norton!
Wind River, 2017. Thank you Hezikiah Menacho!
Tracker, 2010. Thank you Mike Hull!
Tracker, 2002. Thank you Mike Hull!


Tactical Acuity C-IED Class.

From June 5th till June 9th I’ve attended and graduated at Tactical Acuity C-IED Class in Faber, Virginia. It has been such an istrunctive experience, not to mention that taking part of it has been my biggest dream since two years. The class has been hold by David Michael Hull (Hull’s Tracking School) And JC Nash (Enhanced Tracking Applications): excellent Instructors, fully qualified, who paid great attention both to the theoric side of Mantracking either to the most pratical part. We’ve got the chance to partecipate to some various exercises on different scenarios, solo or as a team, studying the medium and its reaction to human passage, tracking for miles one or more people, detecting and clearing IED. And backtracking too.

Here you find a bunch of photos of this awesome class.

I’ve met such a great guys, real gentlemen and I’m blessed to call them Friends.

Can’t literally wait for the next one!

“Improperly Photographed Impressions”.


“[…] Improperly Photographed Impressions:

If the examination involves a photographed tire impression, many things can affect the dimensional accuracy of that photograph. If the camera’s film plane (back) is not perfectly parallel to the impression, then the photograph will have a perspective problem that can affect the ability to accurately enlarge the photograph of the impression to its natural size. This type of problem usually occurs due to errors in photographic procedure. Another problem commonly encountered occurs when the scale (ruler) is not placed on the same exact plane (level) as the bottom of a three-dimensional tire impression or when the ruler is resting on the ground at an angle. If the ruler is not on the same plane and parallel with the bottom of the impression, an accurate enlargement will not be possible. Photographic procedural errors often result in limited examination results. Casts can resolve these problems, but unfortunately some impressions are only photographically recorded and thus the examination must rely on those photographs alone […]”

William Bozkiak, Tire Tread and Tire Tread Evidence



The mantracker who found a murder suspect’s bunker.

“Disguised as a couple of lost hikers on Rattlesnake Mountain, two King County Sheriff’s deputies found footprints, an energy bar wrapper, and other clues that led them to a suspected double murderer.

“I was highly aware the whole time he could be watching us. That was always in the front of my mind,” says Deputy Troy Chaffee as he describes the search for Peter Keller.

“He had high-powered scopes, he had high-powered binoculars. I had to assume he watching anyone who could be in his area.”

Detectives believe Keller killed his wife and daughter – 41-year-Lynnettee and 18-year-old Kaylene. They say he set their home on fire April 23 and took off to a bunker he’d been building for about eight years.

The plan for Chaffee, and a female King County deputy mantracker, was to look for Keller while acting like they were hiking […]”

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Whole article here.

“Man Tracks” by Ion L.Idriess.

This occurs to be an exceptional contribute the renowed Author Ion L.Idriess wrote in 1935 after an intense experience with “the mounted Police in the Austrialian wilds”. As explained in several posts ago, the mounted Police apprehended the ancient art of Tracking from aborigenal people in Kimberley Region, using it, for instance, to track flown away prisoners or slaves.

[Actually “Man Tracks” is still a missing one in my collection, due to the extreme difficulty to get a copy of this rare book, N.d.A.]


Spoor Card.

The Spoor Card (the picture below is taken from Tactical Tracking website) is an huge aim to Search and Rescue Personnel and Tactical Tracking Team. Otherwise named “Footprint Data Card”, it should be filled in by the Tracker with all the informations he can collect through the observation and analysis of the track supposed to belong to the missing person/quarry, such as foot lenght, wear characteristics, time, aging and so on. The informations should be passed on the rest of the Team with clarity.

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