Kyt goes on YouTube.

Yes. At least I've made it. Here you can find my very first video as an introduction to the still valuable Art of Tracking. Got to fix something about music, but I will do! 😉 Enjoy and ..don't forget to subscribe to my channel, brand new videos are coming to life! Thank you for your [...]

Tracking Course Level 1 with SOS2012

"Materia veramente difficile ma affascinante, Kyt veramente brava piacevole e animata da tanta passione. Io mi sono divertito e mi aperto un mondo, lo rifarei sicuramente!" "Kyt ti fa amare la sua arte! E ho intenzione di mettermela a studiare!" "Fichissima la materia , fichissima Kyt nel suo modo di trasmettere le sue conoscenze . [...]

Can drones replace Trackers?

As Technology becomes way more sophsticated, this question is entirely licit. In recent times the Border Patrol has massively started to employ drones to control the borders with Mexico, monitoring the passage of illegal aliens and smugglers: " Hoping to help agents in the field, the Border Patrol is testing a fleet of personal drones, giving [...]