FLETC Journal, Summer 2013

“Recent high profile events around the country have illustrated the need for tactical tracking for law enforcement officers and agents. The murder of Park Ranger Margaret Anderson in Mt. Rainier National Park, Peter Keller’s murder of his family in Washington State, Aaron Bassler’s murder of a public official near Fort Bragg, Calif. and the recent murder committed by Eugene Palmer in New York State all required law enforcement personnel to utilize tracking techniques to locate and apprehend the individuals involved in these crimes. As of this writing, Mr. Palmer is still at large. In addition to the instances referenced above, officers and agents trained as trackers can utilize these skills when investigating marijuana growers, conducting search and rescue, investigating game and fish violations, and investigating various crime scenes […]”

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“Border Patrollers tell how to track anybody” [1978]


“It generally comes as quite a surprise when people discover that there are still men who practice this ancient art with as much skill and frequency as did the early cowboy and Indian. These men not only track other human beings almost daily, but actually earn their living at it. The United States Border Patrol has been charged with the responsibility of apprehending aliens who try to enter the United States illegally, and the practice of tracking these aliens, of actually following their “sign” through the rugged back country, is a technique that is as old as the Border Patrol itself”

Jack Kearney, taken from “Tracking: a blueprint for learning how” (Pathways Press, 1986)

Tactical Tracking Operations.

The very first book I’ve hold in hands about Mantracking. No doubt I was pretty excited about the subject matter and believe me, I’ve kinda devoured it. The whole book is well structured, composed of several chapters focused on the history of Mantracking, its application for LEO, and then it goes with a precise manual in which it deploys how to track, quoting several episodes in which Mr.David Scott Donelan has been involved. I won’t spoil the reader with more details about that.

To me, Tactical Tracking Operations: The Essential Guide for Military and Police Tracers is a sort of essential book, a good one also for start learning to track and get a deep eye on this subject.