Workshop on Tracking at Pathfinder School – Dave Canterbury’s Basic Survival Class

On Day Three of Pathfinder School – Dave Canterbury’s Basic Survival Class¬† (in collaboration with Cimone Outdoor and Outdoor Tribe) I’ve had the priviledge of introducing the attendees to the Art of Tracking related to Search and Rescue needings & requirements. It was a deep honor to talk about the benefits of this Art among […]

T.T.T. The Trackers tool

An idea I’ve got in mind since several months eventually came to life. Many thanks to¬†Andrea Prometheus¬† from Prometheus Bushcraft Equipment for the realization and thanks to¬†Dave Canterbury¬†for believing in it and giving these bracelets the name of¬† “T. T. T. – The Trackers Tool“. T.T.T. is available here And obviously thanks to¬†Joe Price¬†for […]

Kyt author and speaker of the Radio show “A matter of Conservation”.

I’m glad to be Author and Speaker at the¬† RLT [Radio Libera tutti]¬†podcast radio show “A matter of conservation“, live every week, talking about Tracking,¬†Conservation¬†and¬†endangered species, reaching more than 500 persons worldwide per episode and the reach is kinda getting bigger! I’m more than happy about that and I really want to thank all the […]