Botanical Science applied to the Art of Tracking.

No doubt I am a go getter in life, so I definitely love to submit to my Students and readers new materials in order to understand how the Art of Tracking works. Recently came the idea of showing the chemical and biological factors which affect the process of deterioration of a plant, trees, seeds and mushrooms involved in human and animal passage.

For this specific purpose I’ve developed an avantguardistic course, one of his kind, based on “BOTANICAL SCIENCE APPLIED TO THE ART OF TRACKING ©The Way of Tracking 2019″, in collaboration with Dr. Stefano Macchetta.

The course will take place in North West of Italy on June 20th, 2020. Then I will upload several specific material so.. stay in touch!


Botany applied to Tracking (2).png

Addition to my Tracking Kit: custom knife.

The talented Knife and Sword Maker Alessandro Cosmai from AC Cosmai Blades honored me of this little custom beast that I nicely rename “Amarillo” due to the colors of the handle.

It greatly fits my needings to have a small blade at easy reach while on Tracking Training.



Total lenght: 19,5 cm – 7,6 in

Total blade lenght: 9,5 cm – 3,7 in

Total handle lenght: 9,5 cm – 3,7 in

Iron: N690co 3.5

Handle in stabilized Maple briar.




Workshop on Tracking at Pathfinder School – Dave Canterbury’s Basic Survival Class

On Day Three of Pathfinder School – Dave Canterbury’s Basic Survival Class  (in collaboration with Cimone Outdoor and Outdoor Tribe) I’ve had the priviledge of introducing the attendees to the Art of Tracking related to Search and Rescue needings & requirements. It was a deep honor to talk about the benefits of this Art among the other Survival Skills!

Here you can find some photos by courtesy of Alex Wander, Iris Canterbury and Luciano Cicchelli.




Tactical Acuity C-IED Class.

From June 5th till June 9th I’ve attended and graduated at Tactical Acuity C-IED Class in Faber, Virginia. It has been such an istrunctive experience, not to mention that taking part of it has been my biggest dream since two years. The class has been hold by David Michael Hull (Hull’s Tracking School) And JC Nash (Enhanced Tracking Applications): excellent Instructors, fully qualified, who paid great attention both to the theoric side of Mantracking either to the most pratical part. We’ve got the chance to partecipate to some various exercises on different scenarios, solo or as a team, studying the medium and its reaction to human passage, tracking for miles one or more people, detecting and clearing IED. And backtracking too.

Here you find a bunch of photos of this awesome class.

I’ve met such a great guys, real gentlemen and I’m blessed to call them Friends.

Can’t literally wait for the next one!