Honored to be Ambassador of:


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Women in Bushcraft (UK):  – GLOBAL AMBASSADOR

Community created to encourage and promote getting more women outdoors and learning the numerous skills and crafts associated with Bushcraft.


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Girl in the Wild (U.S.) is a sustainable apparel company that creates, runs, and funds 100% free confidence-boosting retreats in wild places for teenage girls. Through adventure-based learning, they help girls connect with each other, work through deep issues, develop healthy habits, ask for help, defy what they though was possible, and rise up. 100% of proceeds fund these experiences.



I’m glad to support:


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Woodlife Trails (UK) was established to provide unique nature-based courses introducing and immersing participants into the woodlands and forests of England.


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Dryad Bushcraft (U.K.) is dedicated to providing the highest standard of Wilderness Bushcraft training.


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Vixen Bushcraft (U.K.) by the awesome Kerry Tillson is a community about true worshipping of Bushcraft and Survival.




UKG: Ultimate Knives & Gear Portal

Pierre Dassbach (DEU): “painting emotions on canvas”, a unique talent. Check his paintings!

Survival & Bushcrafts UK: a Bushcraft Portal

Schools and Associations I collaborate with:


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Best Survival Training by Dave Canterbury (U.S.)


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Trueways Survival (UK): range of award winning survival courses designed by the SAS master himself John “Lofty” Wiseman run throughout the year across the UK and Scotland.


Progetto senza titolo (7)The Delta Survival School (FRA) is an organization that offers internships and courses.

The programs are based on military discipline and aimed at the physical and mental development of the individual through various activities.


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Tracker School (SWE), founded by Conny Andersson.



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Bushcraft Danmark (DEN) is a great school of Bushcraft & Survival Skills.




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Alpine K9 Search and Rescue (ITA)


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Ares Defence (ITA) is an association  which promotes self defence courses as well as Survival and Tracking Courses (run by Kyt).


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SOS2012 (ITA), survival school I collaborate with through the teaching of Tracking Skills.


Progetto senza titolo (14)Discovery Way (ITA), association and survival school I collaborate with through the teaching of Tracking Skills.


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Valtellina Mountain Adventures (ITA)


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Cimone Outdoor (ITA) survival school I collaborate with through the teaching of Tracking Skills.


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Adventure Experience (ITA), outdoor school I collaborate with.


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AGR (Action Group Roma) (ITA): An amazing group of Friends who love Survival, Bushcraft and Tracking.


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Greenzone (ITA): School focused on several skills, including Survival.


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Survival Trekking (ITA) School: a newborn dimension which unites Survival Skills with Trekking.


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Surv-Tac (ITA), scuola di sopravvivenza italiana riconosciuta dal CONI.


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Liguria Outdoor and Survival Team (ITA)


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Exercui (ITA), self defence school school I collaborate with through the teaching of Tracking Skills.


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Be Wild&Free (ITA-OST), outdoor school I collaborate with through the teaching of Tracking Skills.


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War veterans association (ITA); I collaborate with them through the teaching of Tracking Skills.



Survival School based in Teasdale, UTAH, U.S.



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WOLF’S SPIRIT SURVIVAL (ITA) School based in Bologna.



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Kokulandela (ITA) Consulting, Training and Wildlife Conservation


Proudly Brand Ambassador of:



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RA.SE.T. Crime scene investigative materials distributor



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GO.BE.FREE. Apparel built for the outdoor community by a group of fishers, climbers, backpackers, surfers, hunters, mountain bikers, and outdoor advocates: Range Outdoors.


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Prometheus Bushcraft Equipment: Custom made leather gear with the finest Italian leather. He produced my “The Trackers Tool Bracelet” you can see on the news of my page, in collaboration with Dave Canterbury.


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Be Ready Blade Works (U.S.A.), company hold by the competitor of “Forged in Fire” History Channel TV Program, Philip Schrei


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ODIN TACTICAL is a tactical apparel & equipment company based in Italy.


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STEEL LIFE: Extreme survival tools.







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Adventure Menu is my real food to go of choice while running my classes.



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Bivo is a company of Smart Italian Food for outdoor purposes.



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Dennis Ferrara is a young and talented Knifemaker.