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Botanical Science applied to the Art of Tracking.

No doubt I am a go getter in life, so I definitely love to submit to my Students and readers new materials in order to understand how the Art of Tracking works. Recently came the idea of showing the chemical and biological factors which affect the process of deterioration of a plant, trees, seeds and mushrooms involved in human and animal passage.

For this specific purpose I’ve developed an avantguardistic course, one of his kind, based on “BOTANICAL SCIENCE APPLIED TO THE ART OF TRACKING ¬©The Way of Tracking 2019″, in collaboration with Dr. Stefano Macchetta.

The course will take place in North West of Italy on June 20th, 2020. Then I will upload several specific material so.. stay in touch!


Botany applied to Tracking (2).png

Addition to my Tracking Kit: custom knife.

The talented Knife and Sword Maker Alessandro Cosmai from AC Cosmai Blades honored me of this little custom beast that I nicely rename “Amarillo” due to the colors of the handle.

It greatly fits my needings to have a small blade at easy reach while on Tracking Training.



Total lenght: 19,5 cm – 7,6 in

Total blade lenght: 9,5 cm – 3,7 in

Total handle lenght: 9,5 cm – 3,7 in

Iron: N690co 3.5

Handle in stabilized Maple briar.




Kyt goes on YouTube.

Yes. At least I’ve made it.

Here you can find my very first video as an introduction to the still valuable Art of Tracking.

Got to fix something about music, but I will do! ūüėČ

Enjoy and ..don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, brand new videos are coming to life!

Thank you for your support!



Tracking Course Level 1 with SOS2012

“Materia veramente difficile ma affascinante, Kyt veramente brava piacevole e animata da tanta passione. Io mi sono divertito e mi aperto un mondo, lo rifarei sicuramente!”
“Kyt ti fa amare la sua arte!
E ho intenzione di mettermela a studiare!”
“Fichissima la materia , fichissima Kyt nel suo modo di trasmettere le sue conoscenze . Bel corso!”
“La letteratura ed il cinema in generale possono restituire soltanto un’immagine molto sfocata rispetto ad un’Arte particolare e cos√¨ affascinante come quella del Tracking. Il corso personalmente anche a me ha aperto un mondo che merita di essere approfondito. La nostra istruttrice √® stata a dir poco fantastica nel trasmettere non solo nozioni, ma soprattutto nel suscitare l’interesse sui vari argomenti trattati.”
Grazie, SOS 2012!


Workshop on Tracking at Pathfinder School – Dave Canterbury’s Basic Survival Class

On Day Three of Pathfinder School – Dave Canterbury’s Basic Survival Class¬† (in collaboration with Cimone Outdoor and Outdoor Tribe) I’ve had the priviledge of introducing the attendees to the Art of Tracking related to Search and Rescue needings & requirements. It was a deep honor to talk about the benefits of this Art among the other Survival Skills!

Here you can find some photos by courtesy of Alex Wander, Iris Canterbury and Luciano Cicchelli.




Review on Tracking Kit by Prometheus Bushcraft.

When it comes to Tracking, the necessity of having all my stuff at easy reach is quite mandatory. But dimensions and weight are important as well! I’m 5,57 tall for 116 lbs; after years spent testing Tactical match between belt and pouches made in cordura, taking advantage of each single Molle attack, my Kit of choice fell on the outstanding products of this young and talented Leather artisan from Italy.

I’m talking about Andrea from¬†Prometheus Bushcraft Equipment.

During Summer 2018 I’ve already got the opportunity to test his Geminus Leather Bag; me and Andrea discussed about the chance of realizing a custom, removable internal pouch designed to hold all the “tools of the trade”. More specifically, I asked him to realize something tough and suitable to contain:

  • a measuring tape
  • my torch Led lenser 9802QCTP
  • a field note
  • a pen
  • small flags made of wood I use as markers for the tracks
  • a magnifying lens
  • tweezers

Andrea came out with an astonishing product that totally fit my needings and even overcome my original expectations. The Geminus Leather Bag is pretty tough and light at the same time, and I can attach it to the leather belt¬†he produced as well. Thanks to an additional system of attachment I can fix the internal pouch “Kiowa” (I’ve personally chosen the name) inside the Geminus as well as keeping it attached to the leather belt, keeping things easy for few hours of training. As you can see in the photo, the Kiowa bag has got several additional elastic laces in which you can drop the measuring tape or the torch. By that, no fear to lose them in the woods: those laces are pretty strong.

Andrea also created a magnifier lens: an essential tool for a Tracker.

Recently, my idea to create a bracelet/measuring tape eventually came to life: Andrea realized it with his unique talent, literally forging an unmatched, avanguardistic product. Later on, Dave Canterbury baptised it “The Trackers Tool“, as you can read in this post.

The bracelet is intended to be a valuable aid to measure human/animal tracks as well as reliable piece of gear for “Paul Mapping”.

TTT consists in two bracelets (one side in CM, the other in Inches): the longer is suitable for measuring the entire lenght of the track, the shorter is made for taking measures of the width. They can also be attached to each other throughout pressure clips.

TTT is available HERE

I cannot be more enthusiast of my Tracking Kit. It’s comfy, it’s lightweight, it’s tough.




Let me stress that all these products are made of GENUINE LEATHER.

No China hands in them. 100% pure Italian Handcraft.

You can find all of them, along with the TTT (which will come out very soon) at PROMETHEUS BUSCRAFT EQUIPMENT ETSY SHOP: https://www.etsy.com/it/shop/PrometheusBushcraft/items?ref=pagination&page=1



T.T.T. The Trackers tool



An idea I’ve got in mind since several months eventually came to life.
Many thanks to¬†Andrea Prometheus¬† from Prometheus Bushcraft Equipment for the realization and thanks to¬†Dave Canterbury¬†for believing in it and giving these bracelets the name of¬† “T. T. T. – The Trackers Tool“.

T.T.T. is available here


And obviously thanks to¬†Joe Price¬†for modeling! More soon on Dave’s YouTube Channel.