Observation Training.

A crucial part in Tracking is played by observation of every detail which happens to be "out of order" in Nature. In fact, the gait of a person walking in a forest, for example, not only determines his presence in it, but it does also alterate the natural state of that particular kind of environment. … Continue reading Observation Training.

Tire Evidence in Oklahoma City Bombing case

"Because the truck used in the bombing was totally destroyed, an identical Ryder 20-foot truck was used to obtain these known measurements. The truck used was located in Alexandria, Virginia, only a 30-minute drive from the FBI lab, and was one of 400 Ford F700 trucks from that Ryder order. Each of the 400 trucks … Continue reading Tire Evidence in Oklahoma City Bombing case

The Richardson Case, 1786

One of the first cases with footwear evidence presented in Court was the Richardson case from Kirkcudbright, Scotland in 1786. The case depicted the fatal stabbing of a young woman. As we can read in the deposition, the investigator tracked the footprints that actually left the scene: the perpetrator’s shoes appeared to be "heavily nailed … Continue reading The Richardson Case, 1786