Visualization in Tracking.

Visualization is not seeing. "When you sees something, the retina captures the image and transmits it to the brain, where the image is elaborated", quoting JC Nash's ETA Program. So your mind needs a proper time to understand what has been seen and puts it into the "right category" inside the mental data base. It's a … Continue reading Visualization in Tracking.

“Improperly Photographed Impressions”.

"[...] Improperly Photographed Impressions: If the examination involves a photographed tire impression, many things can affect the dimensional accuracy of that photograph. If the camera’s film plane (back) is not perfectly parallel to the impression, then the photograph will have a perspective problem that can affect the ability to accurately enlarge the photograph of the … Continue reading “Improperly Photographed Impressions”.

“The Art of Tracking: the origin of science”

"According to a popular misconception, nature is "like an open book" to the expert tracker and such an expert needs only enough skill to "read everything that is written in the sand". A more appropriate analogy would be that the expert tracker must be able to "read between the lines". Trackers themselves cannot read everything … Continue reading “The Art of Tracking: the origin of science”

“Man Tracks” by Ion L.Idriess

This occurs to be an exceptional contribute the renowed Author Ion L.Idriess wrote in 1935 after an intense experience with "the mounted Police in the Austrialian wilds". As explained in several posts ago, the mounted Police apprehended the ancient art of Tracking from aborigenal people in Kimberley Region, using it, for instance, to track flown … Continue reading “Man Tracks” by Ion L.Idriess

Seeing with the mind’s eye.

Tracking makes you live in the present. You gather information with the physical eye (PRESENT) and process it with the minds eye (past experience). Then you have your imagination you use for deductive reasoning. Tracking forces you to make decisions from evidence, tracks and sign. Not what you want to see (imagination). Therefore this carries … Continue reading Seeing with the mind’s eye.