First try of casting with plaster

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According to the bible of Forensic Evidence I’ve tried to carefully follow the instructions to create my very first casting with plaster, mixing it with water, pouring it gently into the footwear and waiting for 15 minutes.

Well as you can see it is not perfect, but practice makes perfect! I will do it for sure any time I’ll get the chance, trying with animal tracks as well.


Advanced Tracking Course (June, 30th 2018)

I’m utterly proud of my Students at Advanced Tracking Course (in collaboration with Discovery Way): mosquitos and hot sun didn’t stop them and they did an amazing job, becoming Sign Cutters!

“grazie per l’ottimo corso “Advanced Man-Tracking” tenuto lo scorso 30/6/2018… sei molto brava, professionale e coinvolgente. Ottime tutte le varie prove che ci hai fatto fare, ed in particolare mi e’ piaciuta molto la prova di ricerca (in tre Trackers) in discesa nel bosco di un uomo ferito… questa e’ stata la prima ricerca riuscita delle tracce di una persona dispersa… che figata ! Thank you so much and hope to be Tracking again with you soon ! 



Conservation Ranger Course with C.R.O.W.


On May 5th and 6th I’ve attendend the first topic of the Conservation Ranger Course developed and hold by C.R.O.W. [Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide]. On July 22nd at European Security Academy, in Poland, me and all the other attendants graduated successfully as Rangers.

The reasons behind the choice to take part of this lie in the personal and natural belief that Tracking Skills are not only one of the keys of success of any Antipoaching Operation as widely demonstrated  throughout the past and recent years, but also in the firm committment in the Conservation and Biodiversity’s heritage.

My goal is to apprehend about Tracking as much as possible in the most various terrain and scenario, also abroad. This skill can give a tremendous contribution in the “knock – down” of Antipoaching Operations worldwide I mean. The possibility to learn from different Instructors in areas I’m not familiar with will surely increase my awareness as well my expertise. It’s gonna be tough, no doubt about it. But I’m here to learn and fight hard!

31957339_2099718726953227_8139462857034039296_n (1)
May, 5th: First day. On Animal Behaviour, Endemic and Environmental Diseases, Medical Protocol. You can see a red head on left side, first row.
May, 19th. Tracking in Antipoaching Operations. Drawing different tracks on mud terrain.
May, 19th. Tracking in Savannah-like area.
May, 20th. Orienteering.

June, 9th: First date with Shotgun (and also AK-47)

More on C.R.O.W. [Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide]

“Crow is an anti-poaching and conservation organization whose mission is to train rangers in the skills necessary to support, train, and supplement anti-poaching and conservation efforts worldwide.

We are located in Texas, US, and sponsored by several organizations and companies based in Europe, the US, Africa, and Australia to support private reserves, conservation areas, and national parks in the fight for conservation of animals and their habitat. With over 10-years experience in Africa (from Namibian deserts to Congo rain forests), our goal is to handle situations effectively through collaborative strategies.

CROW’s mission is to set a standard in education for rangers operating in medium\high risk environments; promoting conservation knowledge worldwide and train rangers and skilled volunteers to help in the challenge for conservation.”


On right side : Course in Italy (May-June 2018). Left side: Course in Poland (July 2018)


A bunch of photos of the course hold in Polond at European Security Academy.

Some of you may recall I’ve already collaborated with C.R.O.W. in a Joint Training between this NGO and Hull’s Tracking School. Here you can see the post related.



To read is to understand. To understand is to belong.

How many times we have seen the ground and just considered it terrain, grain, grass, peebles, sand and more over or even concrete and asphalt? Thousands.

Learn how to read the ground“. That precisely what Tracking is.

Ground  shows up itself as an amalgam of signs, as an inner chaos to the most novices among Tracking novices. We see it, but most of times we don’t look at it. We don’t think at it. It’s over there, underneath our feet, we don’t pay attention to its voice because it’s just an element, we take it for granted.

Nothing is granted at all, especially the Ground. That’s why, if we really want to learn how to read it, we have to listen to his silent voice.

Does Ground have a voice? It has! It speaks throughout the passages of man and beast. Every contact leaves a trace; this way, every sign is a word, then a sentence, then again a story.

Learn to track duly involves the capability to understand the Ground. More specifically: What’s happened. When. Why. How may persons. Animals.

Time after time, that reading will become a belonging. To a certain scenario, to a particular time. We will find ourselves surprised to kinda feel having been present to that moment – the moment in which tracks were made. Just like a whole thing.