About Kyt Walken.

Hull’s Tracking School Official Representative and Instructor, Conservation Ranger.

Photo credits: Fabrizio Nannini Photography

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“I became acquainted with Kyt several years ago and in all my tracking experience I have never met anyone as passionate and enthusiastic as she has demonstrated.  Kyt’s research and personal commitment is admirable.  I was fortunate enough to have Kyt join me in a week-long class. […] I have officially made Kyt a representative and instructor of “Hull’s Tracking School“. She has demonstrated interest, skills, and integrity that are most inspiring for a tracking practitioner.” David Michael Hull


I’m definitely a Man Tracking worshipper and I’m daily amazed by the amount of the possible use of this ancient Art and Science.

In Sept 2015 I’ve attended my first Man Tracking class and the second level on November of the same year. Later on, on September 2016, came the third one.

I’m studying Man Tracking daily, improving the skills I’ve acquired from the courses with tons of practice and a lot of humility. Training and practice are the cornerstone of Tracking.

In June 2017 I’ve attended Tactical Acuity C-IED Class hold by David Michael Hull(Hull’s Tracking School) And JC Nash (Enhanced Tracking Applications) in Faber, Virginia. June 5th-June 9th.

In December 1st 2017 I’ve been entitled as “Official Representative of Hull’s Tracking School“. I owe Mike Hull all. His trust in me will always be my incitement to do bigger, to do better.

In July I’ve become Conservation Ranger after attending a two weeks course at E.S.A. in Poland led by C.R.O.W. (Conservation Rangers Operations Worldwide).


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Check also the following pages I manage:


Tributes to Tracking” is a page about the history, techniques, current uses of the Ancient Art and Science of Man Tracking.
It is developed by David Michael Hull and Kyt Walken.


MountHome” is a non profit association aimed at the protection of mountains and the safeguard of Nature, through the enduring trash and garbage collection.










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