Basic Tracking Course in collaboration with Cimone Outdoors

The nasty weather (strong wind and heavy rain) didn’t stop the tenacious committment of this amazing class (Oct 27th – 28th 2018).

Thank you Cimone Outdoors  for welcoming the first Tracking Course with Hull’s Tracking School!

Here’s some reviews of the class:

“Grazie a Kyt per tutto ciò che ci ha insegnato – Thanks Kyt for everything she taught us” Luciano Cicchelli

“Grazie a Kyt per lo splendido corso – Thanks to Kyt for this outstanding course ” Marco Stoppacciaro

“Grazie a Kyt Walken per la sua indubbia passione e professionalità – Thanks to Kyt for her undoubt passion and professionalism ” Fabio Bendazzoli

“Grande competenza e passione – Great expertise and passion” Renzo Dinozzi




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