“The Art of Tracking: the origin of science”

9780864862938“According to a popular misconception, nature is “like an open book” to the expert tracker and such an expert needs only enough skill to “read everything that is written in the sand”. A more appropriate analogy would be that the expert tracker must be able to “read between the lines”. Trackers themselves cannot read everything in the sand. Rather, they must be able to read into the sand. To interpret tracks and signs trackers must project themselves into the position of the animal in order to create a hypothetical explanation of what the animal was doing. Tracking is not strictly empirical, since it also involves the tracker’s imagination. Generally speaking, ore may argue that science is not only a product of objective observation of the world through the perception. It is also a product of the human imagination. A creative hypothesis is not found or discovered in the outside world, it comes from within the human mind.”

Louis Liebenberg

This book is really a must read. The reasons are remarkable: it’s well structured, it’s complete, full of explanations and details. This book makes you think about this Art and her utility. It makes your mind not only accept her, but eagerly waits for learning her.


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