“Trackers revive, teach old skill for finding lost people”.

“In the vast forests and open spaces of Minnesota, finding missing people can be expensive and time consuming. When someone is lost in the north woods, searching for them often requires airplanes, helicopters and dozens of people. To make such searches more efficient, White Earth tribal conservation officers are learning an ancient skill called man […]


  Tracking is a valuable tool to eagerly reduce the area of conducting the searching for the missing one. PLS (Point Last Seen) occurrs to be the very last spot the Subject has been seen by witnesses or told to be so. Using Tracking Tecniques and especially cutting for sign will help searchers to determine the […]

History of Man Tracking: Frank North and the Pawnee Scouts.

Born in Manhattan, NY, 1840, Frank Joshua North has been an American interpreter, United States Army officer and politician. In 1860 North worked as a clerk and interpreter at the Pawnee Agency trading post in Genoa, Nebraska. Four years later, n 1864, General Samuel R. Curtis asked Frank North to organize a company all made of Pawnee scouts. […]

History of Man Tracking: Selous Scouts.

PAWME CHETE! Lots have been said about this special Regiment of the British Army during the Rhodesia War (1973-1980, year of the constitution of Zimbabwe). They were aimed to the “the clandestine elimination of terrorists/terrorism both within and without the country“. That’s why I firmly think it’s peculiar to recommend you the best and more complete […]

History of Tracking: Mountain Men and Trappers.

The story of the Old American Frontier is totally entwined with the legendary figures of the Mountain Men, also called Trappers, as their primary business was coming across the territory of Missouri toward the Rocky Mountains in search of beaver furs to sell. Below you can find an interesting extract from “Trappers, Traders, and Trailblazers: […]