Why Tracking is still a valuable Art and Science.

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Tracking is the science and art of knowing how to identify, follow and interpret human and animal traces. A skill that, now more than ever, in times of crisis and catastrophes, assumes a peculiar value. An ability that ranges from S.A.R. to the L.E., until with great success, the forensic dimension. 

“Learning to read signs enables everyone to choose a safe route in life, staying safe and avoiding dangers”

John “Lofty” Wiseman




Il Tracking è la scienza e l’arte del saper individuare, seguire e interpretare le tracce animali e umane. Una skill che, ora più che mai, in tempi di crisi e di catastrofi, assume una valenza peculiare. Un’abilità che spazia dall’ambito dei soccorsi a quello militare, fino a raggiungere, con enorme successo, la dimensione forense.

“Imparare la lettura delle tracce permette a ciascun individuo di scegliere la giusta strada nella vita, rimanendo prudente e evitando i pericoli”

John “Lofty” Wiseman


Tracking Courses Calendar and Programs.

Tracking classes.


Next classes of Basic Tracking and Advanced Tracking:

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Learn to track with Hull’s Tracking School.




The Hull’s Tracking School in Faber, Virginia [US] offers the possibility to attend Mantracking courses in Italy and Europe under the guidance of Kyt Lyn Walken, Instructor and Official Representative. The program is configured as the American one.

Target: The courses are dedicated to all those who want to approach this millenary science, deepening not only the intimate knowledge of the area around us, but also their own survival skills.

The courses are limited to a maximum of four participants as they provide theoretical lessons supported by a large amount of practical tests, as per the US model, proof of what has been learned.

The courses are divided into two levels: a basic course followed by some advanced courses. The courses can be tailored on civilians as well on Army and Law Enforcement. Army personnel, as already occurred, can take part in civil courses if they wish.


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About Kyt Lyn Walken.







“I became acquainted with Kyt several years ago and in all my tracking experience I have never met anyone as passionate and enthusiastic as she has demonstrated.  Kyt’s research and personal commitment is admirable.  I was fortunate enough to have Kyt join me in a week-long class. […] I have officially made Kyt a representative and instructor of “Hull’s Tracking School“. She has demonstrated interest, skills, and integrity that are most inspiring for a tracking practitioner.” David Michael Hull


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